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You've probably never heard of Jess, but she's an amazing woman. She is actually one of my boot campers here in Charleston. She's been a client for a very long time and more importantly, she's an incredible inspiration to women everywhere looking to not to just lose weight, but transform their bodies for strength too.

In this episode of What The Fitness, Jess shares how she lost over 25 pounds in just 12 weeks. She talks about training, tracking her nutrition, and making those daily decisions that really count. 

What's great about Jess is she's not like a celebrity who is paid big bucks to workout and look good. She does it because it's part of her lifestyle and that alone makes her feel strong and great about herself. Remember that!

I hope you enjoy the episode and make sure to check out Lifting Revoluiton for more amazing - daily - posts about fitness, nutrition, and living a healthy life.

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